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  • If it is wool, that means it is itchy, ya? "
    Nope, not necassarily. Wool comes from many various breeds of sheep, from across the globe, and each breed has differences also, there are differences in how fibers are processed into yarn by various mills, or by hand. Most of the wools I use are Merino, Polwarth, Targhee, Blue Faced Leiscter, or blends of those. These are milled and dyed for softness, bounce, depth of color, and durability.
  • So, you only have stuff made with wool?"
    Nope! I have experience making fiber art with bamboo, hemp, cotton, silk, acrylic, blends of these with each other and blended with wools. The use, drape, texture of the end item and its need for durablity or the amount of wear that it will experience, in addition to needs of the end wearer, are taken into consideration when planning a creation.
  • How can I wash something that has wool in it?
    Short answer? Cool water soak, with little or no agitation, gently squeeze majority of water then press out more moisture with a towel, and lay flat to dry. Longer answer? Matters the wool, the blend, and how you wear it. There are wools that claim to be wash and wear, but every time you do this, you take a bit of the coating on the surface of the wool treatment. It eventually WILL felt (ie: shrink into a dense fiber). I prefer to use Eucalan no rinse wool wash. It is a soap/soak that is super wool friendly. Great on delicates. If you are washing something that has a preferred shape (most things do), you want to lay it/shape it to dry. **Sweater? Lay the body & arms so it dries the way you want it to wear. **Socks? Lay them flat so you can see the profile and the heel/ankle bends. **Hat? Consider the shape/stretchiness of the hat. You may want to leave it flat, so it dries tighter and fits snug, or you may want to make a "head" shape out of a hand towel and pull it over that to dry. **Shawl? This can be tricky. If you have lace, or points, or scallops on your shawl, you will want to not only lay it flat, but take pins (like you use for sewing) and pin out the details along lace/edging so it dries open and in the shape it originally had before you had to soak it.
  • Would you ever do a quantity order?
    Of the hammered metal items, absolutely. Of the fibery nature, that is a little more challenging. Knit/wovens take more creation time. Lets talk. Of the silks? I woudl love to talk about it! I do have seasonal limitations due to the process.
  • How about doing a custom order?
    I *LOVE* to make bespoke one of a kind items. To create something that is art, that is unique, that can be displayed on your person or on your wall, that is a tangible memory of a life event, or just because you are awesome and you FUCKING DESERVE IT. If you are intersted in a custom order, hit me up with ideas, details, daydreams, etc, in my contact section of this site.
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