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Hello - Here we go again! 

You may recall that I have had both a wordpress version of a knitpunk site, and then I upgraded to a dot net site. After many trials, some crappy malware, and a healthy pause, I am trying this online thing again. This time I am doing the design work all by myself, with the help of a page builder site, and I am really happy to settle into a cleaner image/digital home. 

Another fun change, I am taking steps to step away from vampiric selling systems (*ahem* etsy) that take money from small makers every month, but promote large production houses and big businesses instead. This site will be the place to buy my stuff! No other places to go. Right here baby. :)

I am still working on the sales page, so right now, you CAN still go to etsy. Just know that this is in transition, and soon that venue will go bye-bye.  

With love and pyramid studs - Sundaze

Jully, 2019

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