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Resist, Rest, Repeat

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Today is another day in the involuntary forward motion of our lives.

Resist, Rest, Repeat.

While there are times in your life that you feel as though you are treading water, but trust me, you are not. There are great sorrows and great joys coming our way. Sometimes on the path forward there are stretches that feel "in a rut" or deeply 'mundane'. Take note. These are healing times, building times, times to rest, reflect, and notice that your "rut" is full of tiny daily joys and love. We can concurrently be in a place where you've made choices that defer to others happiness...and have sacrificed your own joy to theirs. This is not always good or bad, but observing it may mean it is time for a change. Is the safety of the routine, and the comforts of habits enacted by rote, less valuable than your own growth, awareness, education, and joy? Sometimes it takes a "rut" for you to really see, in depth, that you are in a place of change, but are building up energy to take what may be a tiny action that becomes the chrysalis for the next big shift.

Resist, Rest, Repeat.

For so many that are feeling so habitual, or in a rut, the reality is that this world we occupy, this urban (or maybe you are rural) jungle, is a crazy place, and it is full of upheaval, carelessness, and pain. A shameful many in our world have been forced into places where no choice is the good one; that in their eyes there is no joy, no rest, no way to see that light at the end of the tunnel. They have become political or environmental pawns, victims of corporations in bed with politicians to the death of our democracy. That does not mean the world is without joy. There is so much love and hope to be had, and all it takes is a tiny spark from each of us.

Resist, Rest, Repeat.

Now, I agree that we all need to have recovery time away from screens, phones, media. This "break" is important to keep our internal batteries charged. Be aware, that being able to take a "time-out" is privilege. We need rest, but then we need to STAND UP, once we have recharged. TO stand for those around us that need a lift, those that cannot ignore the news happening in their homes, flying overhead, in their streets, or in their detention centers. I challenge that WE - the you and me with the privilege and ability to make a choice - take the time to see. To wipe the fog from your eyes and witness not only our own privileges that are so easily taken for granted, but even more, the hardships of others and the small things that they do not get easy access to. When you can start to see these, you can take steps to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. It will not be easy, you will not know all that is your privilege, and you will not understand others pain all at once (or even truly, at all). Your willingness to be part of a change is also allowing that you are wiling to take a risk for help others. There is a strong chance that your bravery will bring you some sorrow on the path to change, but the joy we seek is for all, not the few, and I know you can make it through.

Resist, Rest, Repeat.

This is a mantra of survival for those that have the ability, the voice, the strength, the support. The willingness to shout from the rooftops to defend others, and to sit by and magnify the voices of the quiet, and unheard. We need to take those small daily joys, our energy charge from our restful habits and our opportunity to recover with "media breaks", and hold those safe places and those joyous memories close to our hearts while we risk what we have so that we can be a part of something greater than ourselves alone.

Resist, Rest, Repeat - Make a difference in the lives of others.

With love and pyramid studs - Sundaze the kNiTpUnK

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