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Pins Of DOOM!  (Punk Shawl Pinz)

Pins Of DOOM! (Punk Shawl Pinz)

These are multi-function bad-ass shawl pins. But they don't have to JUST be shawl pins. They can hold yer pants up. They can be used to feed your yarn though as a knitting bag guide. On your boots as a pull. Hold some crazy chains together as your own unique necklace. On your hat. Fix that strap on your bike bag. Hitch up your petticoats with. Ignition key for your punk ride. As a clasp for a wallet chain. The selection of these changes constantly, and I quite happily (prefer) custom orders. Customized with your words available for the same cost - Send me a message direct and we can work out what you want YOUR pin to say!
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