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Customer Care

I’m a small maker and I want to create items that people will cherish and use for years to come. Slow fashion. A present you give to yourself or someone crazy special. Handmade OOAK items that are known not just for their uniqueness but also for a lifetime of use for you or the person that receives it. 

Because of the nature of these items I create and then sell; both OOAK premade items inspired by my love of shape and color, or custom commissioned pieces, I am unable to support outright returns or replacements. To exactly recreate a one of a kind object is not viable.


However, if you do purchase an item, or have already acquired a piece of my art, and there is an issue with it, please contact me! Let's work together to see what can be done to resolve whatever issues have arisen since it was originally purchased. 

Privacy & Safety

Hey, I know you are trusting me with your info. I don't want to violate your trust or abuse that access or any of the data you have been kind enough to share with me.


I will not sell it, share it, or spam it. I want to be able to send you the purchased item/s you want, communicate with you about commissions, and now and then I would like to forward a blog post as a newsletter (truly sporadically).  That is all. I swear. 

Wholesale Inquiries

I am not against the idea of wholesaling my handmade items, and I dream that there are places that want to display and sell my art. Seriously, I WOULD LOVE THAT!

My challenge is that my items for sale here are listed at a cost that is walking a fine line between actually accounting for materials and hours, and making it affordable for the buyer. I am not charging a retail markup on my handmades. Additionally, I do not have a stable/produced line sheet I can share with you. 


Hit me up via my contact page with your interest and lets have a chat. I would love to work something out. 

Payment Methods

Online Order Payments:

Credit / Debit Card


Offline/IRL Payments:


Credit / Debit Card


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