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handknit, handwoven, bits of metal


kNiTpUnK is me, and I am Sunday.

This is also your place to find hand-knit, hand-woven, hand-painted and hand-hammered three dimensional art. Your direct access to unique, bespoke, wearable sculpture. 

kNiTpUnK is my labor of love. It is fueled by my attitude, my fire. It is my outlet to share the colors that dance in my dreams and vision of the world I live in.

Born in the Pacific Northwest and raised with the pounding heart of a maker, I am awestruck with the lushness of our forests, the power of the Pacific and the glittering vibrance of Mt. Hood just outside of my doorstep, everyday.

I am a proud and loud individual with roots in punk, and I believe in equality, making this place we live in accessible and healthy for all that live here. I strive to live and create in sustainable methods, to be kind, and to be an ally and defender of those less privileged.




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Thanks for joining my mail list! 

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